20 June 2010


I spoke with my father a few minutes ago, calling to wish him a happy Father's Day.  He was laughing and telling me a story about something that happened to him this morning.  This is my father.  The father who, when illness doesn't take over his day, is full of fun, laughter and the longest jokes and stories you will ever hear.

No one has ever laughed AT my father, always WITH him.  No one has ever seen my father as anything but kind, generous and wise. He's a quiet man, when he isn't telling a joke or a story.  I have my love of music from him.  One of my best memories of my father is when he would be together with his brothers and they would all sing "Danny Boy".  That song like no other can make me cry like a baby because of the memories it brings.

My father is and always has been a hard-working man. Seven children relied on him over countless years to provide, not always what they wanted, but always what they needed.  Seven children still rely on him.  

So, on this day, I send a simple "thank you" to my father. His family has always been his focus and to this day that has never wavered.  He is my hero.

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  1. Anonymous27 June, 2010

    Simply beautiful - I could not have said it better!