26 June 2010

Music and Me 2010

I started these pages over a year ago, on 8 June 2009.  This place, Diana's Words, has evolved into something I could not have imagined it to be one year ago.  It has become my comfort and I am very proud of it.  My first post on that day was titled, Music and Me.  Those of you who know me well, know how much music is a big part of my world.  Today's post is titled the same because I feel the need today to say thank you to some people who have brought even more music into my life over the last year.  Click on the links, take a listen and enjoy.  

I will begin first with my favorite band, Prime Ministers . They are from Ecuador and they rock.  They are high-energy, they love what they do, their music can go from raucous rock and roll to music with a message in the blink of an eye.  I'm waiting impatiently to hear of a tour to the states.  I will be there. Two of the band members, Pala and Perico have a special place in my heart.  Besides their obvious musical talent, they are fun, kind and handsome men with guitars :-) On my bio on Twitter I have my location as "In my dreams with Jimmy Page". While they may not ever replace Mr. Page in my dreams, they have definitely become dream-walkers there, right beside him.

My dear friend Mauricio from Brazil.  A writer, musician, mystic.  I call him my teacher because, not only has he introduced me to new music, but he has opened my world to so much more than just music.  He is a constant source of amazement to me.  I will be forever grateful for the day we met.

Another band that makes me happy is The Snake Charmers from Houston.  Sultry blues with a touch of swing.  And Marie, what can one say about her voice.  I told her once that her voice sounded like liquid gold to me.  She's fabulous.

And listen to Sweet Tooth from the UK.  The voice of the beautiful Fleurtini is loaded with sensuality and the music will make you grab your favorite drink, put your feet up and dream.  Sublime.

My friend Martin James and The Green Lights also from the UK.  Martin has a wonderful voice but he will always be a poet to me above all else.  He has introduced me to poetry that will stay with me forever.  He is a storyteller and his wonderful music reflects that trait.  I've listened to his music to warm up cold winter nights and I'm blessed by his friendship.

And then there is Carlos Ruivo from Portugal.  Another man with a guitar, a poet with a beautiful voice.  I've watched him write lyrics line by line on Facebook and then heard those lyrics put to music.  And I could listen to him speak in his wonderful accent for days.

Finally, I mention someone not necessarily a musician, but a person whose words sing to me.  My very dear friend Lerrnst . Another poet (although he denies it) whose words can be one day a harsh reality and the next, a mystery with hidden meanings.  He often has such a cadence and lyrical quality to his words that at times, I have actually heard music when reading them.  I wish I could write music so as to be able to see the melody that I hear. Thank you.

So, thank you to all of you for all of this beauty.  Keep it coming!


  1. I'll try to overcome my shyness through this words to you: I am the most grateful person to have met you. You are poetry in movement, the dancing of words, a master of symbols. Your intimacy with language is a balsam for those seekers coming from the desert. An oasis in midst of hot sands, peace in midst of battle, love in abundance, showering vowels and consonants over our consciousness. Thank you for being Diana! :)

  2. a wonderful tribute from a beautiful Poet*
    we all look forward to another year and more!

  3. Thanks Diana for those AMAZING words! and for letting me be so close to Mr. Page ;)