29 June 2010

An Ocean Of Words

Written an ocean away,
they ride the crests and swells of waves
tumbled and tossed like beach glass and stone
full of color and light,
their destination another shore
an ocean away.

They're picked carefully from the sand
precious as the rarest shells
gathered and collected with joy
placed on window-sills
on bedside tables
to be pondered and admired
placed in the hand 
that sometimes understands their purpose
with a touch.

They become worn smooth with use and care,
with the delayed delight in coming upon them again
unexpectedly, until they are ready
to be placed on the shoreline
waiting for that incoming tide
that will carry them back
full of promise and hope
back to their origin
an ocean away.

[ My muse has, once again, left me for a warmer climate.  This is a revised and re-written submission for OneShotWednesday at One Stop Poetry . If you haven't visited here yet, you have no idea what you're missing! ]


  1. You Pisces and your oceans lol. You are a Pisces, right Dianna? I like your poem, though, very nice. Ciao!

  2. Beautiful, delicious words :o)

  3. Beautiful rhyming and flows full of double entendres. Wonderful use of oceanic language and references.

  4. then may your muse bring the warmer weather back with it when it comes...tossed upon the waves and worn smooth might just be the vacation i need...smiles.

  5. I wonder if I wrote you a letter if my words would cross oceans and land so delicately on your matt...I loved it Diana; let your muse have her haitus and embrace in the wealth of writing you already offer us.

  6. Everything has an ebb and flow This is a musical and elegant piece, a pleasure to read, as always, Diana. Glad you posted it.

  7. Peaceful acceptance often brings back the muse or a new one. I love your work.

  8. yeah what booguloo said. feels good. love the smooth gentle flow like calm sea :)