03 June 2010

On the Borders of Eerie ~ Chapter III

Martin Moos ~ Shadow

She sat across the table from him; watching his lips as he spoke, the gestures of his hands.  She'd met him months ago, during a time when she would have expected no one to be able to get past the barriers she'd set in place.  She'd been on guard always, tense and waiting for the next encounter with the evil that pursued her.  And one day, he was just there. As she'd sat at this very same table reading a book, glancing up to find his green eyes studying her.  From that day, they were inseparable.

He brought light into her world, replacing the sense of foreboding that had always been present.  She smiled as she listened to him making plans for their evening together, reaching for his hand across the table, his long fingers twining with hers.  They finished their drinks and decided to walk back to the house they shared on the beach.  They walked with arms around each other, enjoying the feel of sun and sea water.  He pulled her close to his body and whispered promises in her ear. As she stood and listened to his words, she caught sight of something in the corner of her eye, like a shadow over the sun, moving around them where they stood.  Her body stiffened. But then, the shadow was gone, erased by the sound of his soft voice.

They reached their home and shut the door behind them, now enveloped in cool sweet shade.  He pushed her gently against the door and began to kiss her, whispering again.  His hands moved across her body, coming to rest just under her jawline.  Caressing her skin, speaking against her lips. He began to press his hands slowly into her neck until her eyes flew open and she looked at him.  Not him....green eyes replaced with bottomless black ink.  She could see the reflection of her own eyes in that blackness, the fear now apparent.  She pushed and struggled against him but he pressed harder with fingers now icy and sharp.  She felt that remembered cold creeping from her neck to the rest of her body.  With the little strength she had left, she moved her hands, trying to find something with which to fight.  Her hand settled on a heavy object on the table beside her and she swung her arm to hit him on the side of his head, not once but twice.

He fell away from her, stumbling to the floor.  He looked up at her and her breath stopped...it was him again....his green eyes staring back at her in confusion, not comprehending the blood on his face and on her hands.  She started toward him and then he was gone once more, leaving the foul beast to gloat at her as it rose from the floor.  It wiped the blood from his face with a hand and, reaching across to her, caressed her face.  She stood frozen as it left a trail of his blood. With a last look, it laughed and walked out the door.

She waited. For life to come back to her body, for the blood to dry on her face.  It had come for her twice before and she had beaten it.  It knew how strong she was and it had grown tired of losing.  It had taken something she loved.  She had always waited for it to come to her.  No longer. 

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  1. a PERFECT 3rd installment! you have brought forth a monster...give us more!! BRAVA!

  2. Anonymous12 June, 2010

    Woo Hoo - I love it! The Beast has risen! Give me more!!