08 July 2010

Adventures In Serendipity 2010


Well, I'm back.  Back staying at the house in the woods with the terraced gardens.  And....two great Danes, seven Puppies, two cats, one rabbit and four chickens. After a night of getting used to a different bed and new sounds, I woke early to french-press coffee and a beautiful day.

After the first coffee, it was into work clothes and outside to do the morning feeding.  For EVERYONE.  Animals clucking, squealing and looking at me with big does eyes, saying FEED ME!  The Danes followed my every move while their puppies clamored to see who could climb my legs the fastest.  The chickens ran from me until they saw the first spray of yellow corn fly through the air and then I became their best friend. The rabbit, Maevis, wasn't interested in eating.  Nope, just a scratch along her back and head, and she was happy.

This entry will be short, I think, as I am in need of another coffee.  It looks to be an interesting five days :-)  More to follow.


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