15 July 2010


Alfred Eisenstaedt ~ Trees In The Snow

I bend under the weight of you
the gravity of your thoughts
your desires
your eyes

I bend until the sky fills my vision
the ground kisses my back
I bend and take the full
press of you

I bend and hold you with tenacity
your heaviness welcomed now
prone beneath a mass
of ideas and words

I bend until your strength weakens
until your heart belongs to me
and then begin the slow ascent
to where I bend no more.


  1. Very pretty words! And I "bend" with that photograph that is so beautifully paired with your poetry!!!!

  2. Beautifully written! Maybe I have a wandering mind but I somehow kept seeing more than just a tree (as pictured)...

    The photograph, like your words, is seductive with wind-blown branches and silken sands...Nicely done.

  3. I too saw more than a pair of trees... Very sweet with a subtle and tender passion. Felt like old lovers, welcoming and familiar.

  4. oh, very nice...was not sure where it was going and had a nice surprise in the end...great one shot...

  5. Love how the bend meets the ascent at the end; reminds me of the earth and the delicate balance of nature. Passionate lines that read smoothly.

  6. Oh how others see passion and I see reason. I too have been weighed down by others' words and relinquished to them until after a time we came to conclusions together that I had all along. I choose this interpretation of your fine work. Thank you, Gay @beachanny

  7. Ah, what a subtle and excellent poem, Diana. That second stanza is just amazing. And a fine ending as well. A pleasure to read.

  8. "I bend until your strength weakens
    until your thoughts belong to me
    and then begin the slow ascent
    to where I bend no more."


  9. I like the idea shared here of bending until one can bend no more, and the image of trees pairs nicely. Well done.

  10. wonderful theme, outstanding flow here! tender and smooth, pretty poem..brought waves of bliss to my spine! Sublime it is :)

  11. when i viewed your page all i had was the opening verse and the image...i stayed here and read that a couple of times..and then i scrolled down to read more...this really was a fine poem, very well written and i loved the image of passion in the second stanza..a really good poem..cheers pete

  12. Grateful and heartfelt thanks to all who visited here and for your wonderful comments. Its always a pleasure to read your own words through different eyes :-)

  13. Dear Diana
    Its so beautiful.. your giving in to take over thoughts has a feeling of beauty... I loved you lines
    'I bend until your strength weakens
    until your thoughts belong to me'
    Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  14. Poignant imagery. There seems to be a kind of progression to it, almost like a dialectics. I get the feeling, you've given this a lot of thought. The photograph is beautiful. Is it one of yours?

  15. Thanks to Shashi and Andreas for visiting and commenting :-)
    Andreas: I wish the photo was mine but it is by the great Alfred Eisenstaedt.

  16. i like the strength inherent in each verse; beautiful imagery and the ending... just perfect.

  17. Stunning photo, so enhanced by your words, could feel the branches bending to the earth, setting a wonderfully sensual example.

  18. Instantly involving/intimate work. Excellent.