03 July 2010

A Child's Summer Night

a murmur on the summer air
anticipation builds with
the excited cries
of children

a whoosh and a white column
shoots into the night
faces lift to the sky
smiles appear

a sudden burst of white hot color
a hiss a crackle a sizzle
little hands cover ears
waiting for the boom

and then it's here, shaking bones
traveling from toes to head
echoing off the hillsides
and bouncing back again

giggles and squeals are heard
tiny hands clap and wave
no cares in the world
on a child's summer night.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, so very visual and exciting. I missed the fire works this year and having just read this poem you made me feel like I had a front row seat. Just lovely!! I'll be back. Your words are true and beautiful and I love them. Thank you! <3