29 July 2010

A Haunting

Watch her sleep
seemingly at peace
while behind closed eyes
a haunting begins
blood-red walls
spattered with black
air tumescent with
the decay of roses

Standing with
hands and feet
turning her face
to the sound
of a voice
with promises

Straining against bonds
as the voice drifts away
taking with it
all reason
leaving behind
a lingering taste
of sweet
on the tongue

Wrists bloodied and bitten
a howl escapes her mouth
crying out a need
for the return
of the voice
for the sweetness
of reason

With a gasp of air
her eyes fly open
the struggle over
only a dream
.....or not.

1 comment:

  1. the depth of this poem is utterly amazing.
    i devoured each word with relish.
    kudos Diana...you have topped yourself this time out! perfectly beautiful.