14 July 2010


I don't advertise on my blog space. But occasionally, I like to make a special mention of someone who should be seen and recognized. A poet, singer, new music or simply someone who has brightened my life.  This post is dedicated to a band, a group of musicians who have come rocking into my world with great music and big personalities, Prime Ministers .

They are from Ecuador and I found them through a doctor friend who happens to live in the same city, Guayaquil.  We were discussing music one night and he asked me if I had ever heard of the band.  Being the music junkie that I am, I did some research and I was hooked. I now owe my doctor friend a box of cigars. I was then fortunate enough to become friends with two of the guys, Pala and Perico. Perico is a tall cool drink of water who walks in the footsteps of John Paul Jones.  He is always kind, always friendly.  He has a stage presence that belies his age. A bass player with the mystique that only bass players own. 

And Pala, what do I say about Pala.  A man with a guitar and a dream walker.  He can kerraang with the best of them.  The eye is drawn to him onstage but he is all about the band.  He steps into the spotlight when necessary and then back out again and back to business.  He is well-read and humorous.  I value his friendship.  He loves what he does.  As does the rest of the band. You can see it when you watch them, they're having fun.  The other two gentlemen, Chimo and "E" I don't know, but they both have the same dynamic presence onstage as their partners.  And "E", Ernesto, has a fabulous voice.  Only one of the four doesn't follow me on Twitter but he would make me a happy woman just by clicking that button ;-) Oh, and did I mention, they're all very easy on the eyes.

Their music goes from hot and driven to cool with a message.  They are also all about their fans.  They always reply to questions and comments on Facebook and Twitter and seem to take joy in receiving them.  I'm waiting for the day they announce they're coming north.  Road trips will be planned ;-) Below are some links to check out.  Take a listen and let me know what you think. Don't be shy, leave a comment :-)
Home Page ~ Prime Ministers
YouTube ~ Prime Ministers
Twitter ~ Prime Ministers
Facebook ~ Prime Ministers

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