19 July 2010


I've finally located sanctuary again. It's been missing for some time now. Perhaps simply because I haven't been home but one week out of the last month. Maybe due to restlessness.  But tonight, it was waiting for me.

My porch has always been the one place I could go where time seems to stop. It's the place where no one can find me, when I don't wish to be found.  The hide-away. It's the place where thoughts gather and ideas simmer.  Where stars are wished-upon and wishes are granted.  I've watched the sun fall and rise from there and followed the moon across an indigo sky. 

Tonight I settled myself out there and stretched out under the silver light of a half moon.  Patchouli scented air and soft candlelight.  A moon flower weaving its way up a string above my windows.  Tendrils of the coolest air I've felt in months slipping like silk across heated skin.  I let my thoughts wander across boundaries and oceans, through walls and mountains, sending whispered words to their destinations.  I have no doubt they were heard by a few of their intended.

Muscles turned to butter and the restlessness disappeared, for a moment.  No hurry to find my bed or to sleep.  No dreams demanding an audience.  Cares falling away like petals from a stem.  Sanctuary.  At last.

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  1. Anonymous20 July, 2010

    Ahhh...I need to find this. Your words make me yearn for simplicity in life.

    Island Woman