17 July 2010


A morning walk by a muddied river
summer heat tastes of leaves and earth
gulls scream mallards grumble geese bray
jeweled butterfly queens and their courtiers
in plain white and yellow
dance above wild orange lilies

Your hand brushes over the tops
of tall wheat grass
the nerves at the ends of fingers
tingle and the blood thrums
sending a head rush of sensations
to every muscle nerve and bone

The mind reels with sensualities
all at once all together
a panoply of color
redolent scented air
incandescent taste of heat
the low deep hum of life

You stop and close your eyes
and for a moment
a brief volatile moment
the world does not tilt
and you catch a glimpse
of home.


  1. a sensuality of words. i feel the textures!