10 July 2010

Serendipity ~ Day Three

I was awake again very early this morning.  It seems I have a maternal clock that will not allow me to sleep in.  Seven puppies waiting patiently for their morning feeding.  The little guy in the photo above has become my favorite, although I don't like to say that because they are all so lovable.  He, however, is the first to greet me when I visit and wants to do nothing but be held.  I sat for an hour yesterday out in the heat because he fell asleep on my arm and I couldn't bear to wake him.

I have a method now when I go out to the pens.  Dog visiting clothes stay out on the porch.  When I go out, I strip and put those clothes on and when I come back in the house, strip again.  Luckily no neighbors nearby but as you can see by my shoes, it's a dirty job.  I have actually come back inside covered in paw prints.  And believe me, my shoes look much worse now than in the photo.

It rained heavily during last evening but it was a refreshing change to the heat and the gardens look heavenly today.  And no need to water, always a good thing.  Before the rain became heavy, I was running barefoot in the grass with the big dogs. I slipped and fell.  I laughed so hard I couldn't get up while the Danes both came running, standing over me protectively.  The evening was a quiet one.  Talking with friends, two movies, some reading and a 1:00 am muse outside right after the rain with the last glass of Clos du Bois.

And so, another day awaits.  No plans are made and none will be.  Already my morning has been perfected by receiving a long email from a much-missed and adored friend.  It has set the tone for my day.  I wonder where it will take me.


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