09 July 2010

Serendipity ~ Day Two

I'm up earlier than I intended to be today but the thought of seven hungry mouths waiting to be fed will do that to you.  Also, the numerous dreams that visited me during the night.  At least seven, all different, all scratched into the journal by the bed with each wakening.  I'm not sure why so many remembered in one night but I won't complain.
It hasn't taken me long to fall into the feel of this place.  There is a routine but not one that has to be followed by the clock.  I eat when I like, sleep when I like and find things that make me smile.  Dinner was a feast prepared only for me and worth every minute of the preparation.  A roasted turkey with wild mushroom stuffing, fresh snap beans, artichokes drizzled with olive oil and garlic. No dessert but an icy cold Riesling to top it all off.  While I was cooking, I turned the music up loud and danced around the kitchen.  I love to cook to music and even better when it's loud.
I sat peacefully three or four times with the puppies, letting them stumble to find me, searching, getting to know me.  They are adorable and I could sit and watch them for hours.  It's curious how the simplest of things can be the most enjoyable. 
Thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon and I hope they come.  I want to see the gardens drenched in water, sparkling and new.  I have no plans for dinner as yet, perhaps something tasty on the grill.  Care to join me?  Bring nothing but yourself and your smiles.

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  1. a wonderful way to spend the day. dance little sister,dance!