12 July 2010

Serendipity ~ Final

Another adventure has come to an end.  And back I go to what passes for reality and my life.  These little breaks in the continuity of the everyday are always encouraging as they serve to remind me that there is something else to life other than the mundane.  They inspire and grant permission to continue the search for "true home". I catch glimpses in these moments of what "home" will be when I finally locate it.  I feel the fit.  It's close, just within reach.

I've had five days of rest, good food and wine, laughter, music and contemplation.  Conversation, a wealth of dreams, tears and compliments.  I've run barefoot through the grass, let a down-pour soak me the to skin, buried my face in sweet flowers and yearned for someone, to hear a voice and see a face.  

The days have been long and time has flown.  My body is tired but my mind races with possibilities, with must-haves.  I've been captured body and soul with the words of a poet an ocean away and have been offered the gift of smiles everyday by a man with a guitar. A life full and well-lived in only five days.  I cannot begin to imagine what is waiting to fill up the remainder of my days, but I plan to welcome all of it.

So, thank you for taking the ride with me.  I look forward to your companionship on the next journey.  No guarantees on where or when, but a promise to you and to myself that there will be many more.  Life waits.

12 July 2010

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