25 August 2010

A Little Night Music

Tonight was a night of food and music.  My sister had suggested that we go to see Phantom which is in it's last run throughout the country. In all the years it's been playing, I had never seen it.  So, I donned my Carrie Bradshaw classic black and white, slipped my feet into fabulous shoes and off we went.

Our first stop was the Grille on Seventh .  A laid back place in the heart of the city with appetizers to die for.  We had coconut shrimp with a hot pepper sauce, a caprese salad with a lemony basil dressing and the best spinach artichoke dip I've ever tasted.  Flatbreads toasted to perfection.  I sipped two of the dirtiest martinis on earth while my sister Shari opted for Lemon Drops.

After an enjoyable hour of talk and food, we worked our way one block down (I love the city) to the The Benedum .  Prior to the show, we indulged in a B&B (me) and a glass of Pinot (Shari) and then found our seats and settled in for the show.  I was not prepared for what I heard and experienced.

Stage productions are always a surprise, with costumes and scenery. I was unprepared for the voices.  I'd heard the songs from Phantom before, sung by various artists. But to hear them live was an amazing experience.  Voices that rang like the tones of a double neck guitar.  Voices that sent vibrations through the air, hitting me like a gust of wind and sending my head back.  Voices that lifted the hairs on the back of my neck.  Voices that went from a whisper to a shout in a split second.  Voices that made me shiver.

I watched the stage closely and at one point saw a still life in blue of Degas' ballerinas.  Beautiful faces, beautiful forms.  I remember the words of the songs but certain phrases have embedded themselves in my mind tonight.  "All is ask is that you love me", "Past the point of no return", "I love you".

So now, my fabulous shoes have been kicked to the corner, I've scrubbed my face and changed into my comfies.  It was a most excellent evening, thanks to a little night music. Thanks Shari :-)

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