30 August 2010

Océano Pacífico

He said
meet me at
the Pacific Ocean
meet me where
no one is looking
take off your clothes
and let the salt take you
you're used to it.

He said
I am a poet
a philosopher
I will teach you
what you need to know
trust me.

She obeyed.
She walked to him
and then swam.
She dropped pretense
and modesty.
She wanted him.

Under a full moon
she came to him
kissed his wet face
and knew him.
She denied him nothing.
She bared her secrets.

In the end
his eyes spoke volumes
he would come back
he would not forget
he would not let go.

He belonged to her.


  1. The Sea

    La Mer

    El Océano

    Una sola lámina

    Que nunca se detiene.