17 August 2010

On The Borders of Eerie ~ Final Chapter

She opened her eyes and tensed, for a moment not remembering where she was.  Another strange bed in another city, in another country.  She had been on the move for three months, trailing the evil that had once hunted her.  She'd always been just a step behind. Catching glimpses of it as it lured her closer each time.  Lured her with the reminder that it inhabited the body of the only one she loved.  There was never a question that she would follow.

She rose hurriedly and packed her few belongings.  She had tracked him, "it", to this hotel and she knew he was still here.  She could feel him, taste the bitterness of him.  He never hid himself from her.  He always kept her close.  His presence was stronger as she made her way across the hotel lobby and then she caught sight of him getting into a cab.  She jumped into another and followed, seeing his face looking back at her from where he sat.  An invitation.  It was then she realized that this was the day.  The day she would either live or die.

She followed him far from the city until his car stopped outside of a large vacant house set back from the road.  She stayed in the car until he had entered the house, paid her driver and began a slow steady walk to where he waited.  As she entered the building, she caught sight of his shadow moving down a long hallway.  She followed and walked into a room with mirrored walls.  Her eyes caught a thousand reflections of herself and the one who waited for her.

She stared at him, the man she loved.  The same body, skin, hair, even the smell of him.  But it was the eyes, they were wrong.  Black and oiled, deeper than hell and foul.  He didn't speak but she knew what it was that he wanted.  It wanted her.  Or the one she loved would die.  She closed her eyes as it moved toward her and she could feel it moving into her, taking control.  She stayed calm and let it contain her, making it believe that she had given up.  And then she fought.  She ripped into it, trapping it inside her body and her mind, tearing at it.  She heard it scream in rage at her strength and she fought harder. She knew she could win again, could destroy this beast that had destroyed her life. Until she heard another scream, one of pain.  His pain.  She felt him being pulled apart even as she ceased her struggle.

A choice.  She fell to the floor and felt the cold creeping in.  The same bitter ice that she had felt the first time it had come for her.  She lay there as it moved through her body, stealing her breath, killing her warmth.  She would not wake from the dream this time.  The last thing she saw before it took her were green eyes.  HIS green eyes looking down at her.  He was safe. 

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  1. MAGNIFICENT!!! a wonderful ending to a glorious mystery.