28 August 2010

Wind Witch

A wind witch came to me tonight.
As I stood staring at the moon,
she whispered in my ear.

A sibilant voice
speaking to me
in languages not my own.
Words of mystery
of the unknown
of antiquity.

She carried scents
on her air streams
of spices heat and the sea
aromas of another world
another time another life
tempting me.

Before she drifted away
she sent a current of soft air
along my cheek
to remind me of 
a lover's touch.

She tossed her hair
and whispered again,
asking for my words.
I told her my secrets
and like a tempest,
she was flying her way to you.


  1. And she needs no broom...

    Enchanted poem, Di! Very sacred and ritualistic!


  2. the wind blows
    the wind knows
    the secrets we share with it
    wrapped in moonlight's glow
    they flow

    what beautiful imagery
    I can smell the wind
    as it danced it's memories
    across the page :~)