19 September 2010

Cats In The Castle

Shelby Ann

Once upon a time there was a giant pink castle in the sky.  Rainbows surrounded it, butterflies of jeweled colors flew everywhere and birds were always chirping.  Living inside the castle were giant cats colored all different shades of purple, blue and green.  The cats also had Velcro tails.  Before the cats went to sleep at night, orange and yellow mice would come in and take the cat's tails and hang them up on the walls.

One cat in particular, named Pixie ~ a Siamese, was the smallest of all the giant cats.  She didn't like being the smallest and felt like she was never quite like all the others.  Not as pretty, not as smart, not as tall.  That week, there was a talent contest in the castle and all of the tallest and prettiest of the cats were entered.  Pixie wanted to enter the contest too, but she didn't think she would be able to compete against the others.  One of the judges, a dog (a black lab from out of town) took Pixie aside and told her that all it takes to enter the contest was to just do your best.

She posed and sang and danced and did her very best. At the end of the contest  she waited to hear the results.  The judges announced for third place ~ her friend Penelope, a calico.  Second place went to a cat she wasn't very good friends with ~ Gina the tabby.  Everyone waited to hear which cat would win first place. And suddenly the judge called out...."Pixie".  She had won!  Just by doing the best she could.  Pixie spun in circles with her Velcro tail waving like a ribbon in the air.  She would never again feel like she was less than all the other taller and bigger cats.

The End.

[ Shelby Ann, my other co-author of the Pittsburgh Short Stories, is visiting today and wanted to write her own story for my blog page.  The above is the result of her dreams and imagination. The photo is of Shelby diligently at work on her story :-) ]


  1. Very good Shelby! You made my day...I loved your story. xoxoxoxoxo
    Aunt Shari

  2. Hey, Shelby! That's a very nice story! And with a great, great message! I hope you be able to pass this on to your friends. We are in need of a better world, with more people like you. So, let's spread the word and do the change!

    tender kisses,