26 September 2010

An Irregular

She's an irregular
you can tell
just by looking at her

she carries a heart
patched together
with a crooked seam
after rupturing
from love

her memories
with little frays
around the edges
but deeper inside
the fabric is whole

a body made of
strong threads but soft
her texture is smooth
her landscape formed
for ease of wear
for natural pleasure

her soul
has one tiny hole
an opening
barely discernible
but repairable

she's an irregular
beautifully flawed.


  1. each snowflake different
    each as beautiful as the next
    each heart different
    each paints it's world
    with the fabric of love
    each irregularity
    each fray
    each bit that seems worn away
    just allows
    more in
    more out
    and make us more
    like I am with you :~)

    beautiful image Diane
    fabulous flow of words
    touching deep

  2. When i read the poem, the figure of Francis Ponge, a french poet who talks about pieces of bread, pants, the sand remained in theyre pockets, came to my mind.

    Your poem has such similarities with the texture and discourse of Ponge. I recommend the lecfture of his poems...It would be nutricious for your own writing, indeed.

    For all beauty keep in that irregular -and also for the comments of other blogguers here in the post- thanks.

  3. Mau ~ thanks for seeing me as I am :-)

    June ~ i always look forward to your comment, a poem within a poem, thank you.

    Jonas ~ Im flattered to be compared to a famous poet & appreciate your words very much. And now you've given me some new reading as well. Thank you my friend :-)