02 October 2010

The Color of Seduction

There is a color
to seduction
but I can't decide
what it is.

What do you think?

Is it the mocha-creme
of skin
the blue/green/brown
of eyes
or the red/pink shine
of lips?

Perhaps the dark brown
of curly hair
or the subtle tan
of a strong hand.
Maybe its simply
a white-hot gaze.

I think of ochre earth
with clay rivulets
forms to be molded
and shaped
and touched.

What do you think?

What is the color 
of your seduction?

At this moment,
my own is ice-blue
with sprays of pink
sending a flush
of magenta
to all the right places.


  1. The composition is great! And your Blog appearance makes it even awesome. :)

  2. Not ice blue. Blue like the Mediterranean on a cloudless day. Fringed in blackest black on a canvas the colour of good coffee with lots of cream.

    I always know when the hint of white peeks from behind berry brown I am in for an awakening.

    Colour should do that, yes?

    Lovely poem :-)

  3. Their love burned an ice blue like at the wedding of darkness and light. A line from my poem Twin Flames. I love this poem.

  4. Magenta, certainly, is the color of desire.
    But maybe the desire hasn't got any color.
    May be a sensation that we can picture inside of us.
    Or inside of them.
    May be.
    For me, Desire is a sound.
    A very deep sound.