05 October 2010

October Eyes and Ears

Althea in a Blue Dress Reading ~ John White Alexander

It has been five months since I last wrote an "eyes and ears".  I was very busy this summer or...very lazy.  I've missed this actually.  This little post has always been my way of finding new music/books/movies from you.  So, I will share my current choices and hope that you will share yours.  I am a hungry reader and am starving for words after the long hot summer :-)

Under The Dome ~ Stephen King
Human Chain ~ Seamus Heaney
Pieces Of Me ~ Diana Matisz
A Book of Luminous Things
 (Anthology of International Poetry) ~ Czeslaw Milosz
Sonnets From The Labrador ~ Samuel Peralta
Ghost Tree ~ Bill Deasy
The Grand Design ~ Stephen Hawking
As It Is ~ Gina Marie
The Writings of Lucian Sinder ~ Loki
Inside Theron's Head ~ Theron Kennedy

Listening to:
Being Normal ~ Bill Deasy
Petals on the Path ~ Ottmar Liebert
Senior ~ Royksopp
My First Crown ~ Race the Ghost
Band of Joy ~ Robert Plant
Le Noise ~ Neil Young

Life :-)

So, now your turn.  I need fuel for the long winter ahead.  Please feel free to share.


  1. Reading:
    Cees Noteboom: Mokusei
    Luther Blisset: Q

    Your blog.

    Broken Bells
    Sting: nothing like the sun
    Bob Dylan: unplugged

    Aljandro Jodorowsky: Fando and Lis