14 October 2010

The Pittsburgh Short Stories (#9)

Juliette Finds Her Home
written by:
Justice Andrew
Shelby Ann
Auntie Di

Juliette lived all alone in a field out in the country.  She was very happy there until the weather started to get colder and she knew she would have to find a warm place to live for the winter.  Every day she would venture out further from her field home, searching for a new one.  One day, through the tall grass, she spotted an old mansion.  It was very run-down and the farmers who lived in the area claimed that it was haunted.  Juliette didn't care, she just wanted a warm home.

She found a crack in one wall and climbed in, her nose immediately smelling cheese.  She found her way into the kitchen and after a little searching found a large chunk of bleu cheese sitting in a cupboard.  She ate so much that she fell asleep.  A little later she woke to the sound of footsteps coming closer and then found herself hanging by her tail and looking into the face of a very grumpy looking man. The man was talking to her but Juliette couldn't understand him.  He carried her to another room and placed her in a cage. She thought for sure he was going to put her back outside but he placed the cage on a shelf and left for the night.

Now, Juliette had no water and was getting hungry again.  While she was thinking about what to do, she saw something moving in the corner of the room.  It was a ghost.  An ancestor of the grumpy man.  The ghost came closer and lifted the latch and Juliette was free.  She scurried off to the kitchen to eat and drink and then to decide whether to leave the house or stay.  She decided that staying was better than being out in the cold so she ran back to the cage and shut the door.  In the morning, the grumpy man spent some time talking to her, gave her a bite of cheese and then left her.  This went on for several days and nights, the ghost letting her out in the dark, the grumpy man sitting and talking to her in the light.  He talked to her more and more every day and Juliette realized that he wasn't really grumpy, just lonely.

One night, when the ghost let Juliette out, he pointed to a crack in one wall that Juliette had never seen before.  She squeezed through and found herself inside of a hidden room in the house.  She started searching, wondering why the ghost had led her there.  She saw something shiny in the farthest darkest corner.  She went to investigate and found a big pile of gold coins.  Juliette spent the night carrying coin after coin, one by one, back to her cage and laying them in a pile.  Then she climbed back into her cage and fell asleep.

When she woke in the morning, the man was sitting beside her crying.  And her cage door was open. And...she could finally understand what he was saying.  He was thanking her for finding his family's money and telling her how he could now make his home as beautiful as it had been in the days of his ancestors.  He asked Juliette to stay with him through the long winter and promised her all the cheese she could eat.  And there, over the man's shoulder was his ghost ancestor, smiling and waving good-bye to Juliette.


[ Thank you as always to our wonderful friend Solan Renolen for providing our inspiration through his photography.  Because of him, two children and an Auntie have created worlds together.  We love him :-) ]

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