02 October 2010

Winter Honey

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The snow starts slowly
sliding down the window
fat and wet

as I stare out into
the frosted dark
waiting for you.

A heavier snow
buries a deeper night
and there you are.

Your first taste of snow
my first taste
of you

cold sweet
winter honey.


  1. hmmm...this is delicous and sweet...

  2. Really like this, Diana. A triumph of brevity and clear description. I feel as if I've sat in that window many times watching, amazed always when someone braves the snow.

  3. Beautiful. A very poetically positive tribute to a season most grumble about continually. the 'fat and wet' is wonderful, as is you closing couplet -

    cold sweet
    winter honey. >lovely


    Luke @ WordSalad

  4. Very very nice! I see, feel, and taste this from memories in the north. (before the plows, sanders, and bitter salt of course!) Love this!!! ~April

  5. Sometimes winter is just a beautiful season. Thanks for image and peace it brought to me.

  6. Winter honey is very sensory-—especially through visual, tactile, and taste modalities. Fine poem. Has a daydreaming quality of looking out the window and awaiting a loved one.

  7. the end to this was magnificent...cold sweet winter honey...think we have all mentioned these words..wonderful write..cheers pete

  8. So clear and crisp, like winter air itself. A very nice One Shot, Diana!

  9. So much gratitude for all of you who have come here to read these few brief words and for your gracious comments. Its appreciated more than you can know :)

  10. delicious, words! and the image is perfect!

  11. Beautiful imagery! Great flow to it:)