08 November 2010


first a foot
and then a leg
as the entire body
slides into hot silk
becoming immured
in lavender~eucalyptus 

muscles melt
bones lengthen
and water sprites 
in the guise of bubbles
run a languid race
across a bent knee
and a shoulder's curve

above it all
a pergola of steam
lit with a backdrop
of moon and stars
and clouds navigating
an endless sea of midnight blue

a sip of Sambucca
and it's nirvana
at 104°


  1. WritingInRain08 November, 2010

    104 Sounds Splendid

  2. Feels and looks like a Marathon: full of pleasure and colours. Exactly what you feel when you do acttivities related to the body and the blood.
    Thanks for all your words today and for ever.