16 November 2010

A Breath Away

They don't know it but they're a breath away.

He walks in the front door
she through the back
she sits at a table in the corner
writing in a red book
he sits at the bar
reading the newspaper
he hums a melody
she whispers while she writes
he hears the scratch of pen
she, the rustle of paper
he tilts his head to listen
she lifts her eyes
he notes a nuance of soft perfume
she admires the color of his hair
he stares at the newspaper
wishing for her
she gazes out the window
dreaming of him

just a breath away


  1. oh my heavens!! the very best! can close my eyes and be right there in that cafe watching the drama play out. Kudos Diana!

  2. Ohhh, I just loved this, thanks for making me dream :)

  3. Wow, love it! I was there, in your words, witnessing it all