28 November 2010

Earth-Speak (Collaboration with poet April Higney)

Recently my friend and poet April Higney offered one of her photographs to me as a source of inspiration for my writing.  She insists she is not a professional photographer but I've always felt that her photos were akin to beautiful paintings rather than photographs. Please click on her name and visit her pages of elegant words and stunning visuals.

On that afternoon at the end of my walk
I crested a hill and found paradise.
A sanctuary of secrets
preparing itself for my visit.
I lay back onto the last
of summer's green
and let the earth speak.

blue-misted mountains
and sweet mown hay
soft weathered paint forgotten by time
lavender-blues and heat-faded reds
currents of air embraced by the past
and the kiss of a waning sun
made of light
gathered from a faraway sea.

I lay in this enchantment
until the shadows stretched and thinned
until the half-dressed branches
painted a tracery of black lace
on the darkening sky
until this refuge of peace
closed the door
and sent me back
to my life.


  1. Even though I expressed how incredibly beautiful your words are via email, I had to again stop in here to comment.
    You truly cast an extraordinary sense of enchantment in this words, and I'm honored to have contributed a photo (with smiles) to inspire such a wonderful work of art in your poetry! I LOVE this! ~A huge hug for you dear friend, a great start for inspiring days as I step back into my poetry after my month long novel-writing quest! ~ Much love to you and all those surrounding your precious heart! ~April

  2. Yes, an endangered species, a sanctuary of secrets, a refuge of peace -- a hedgerow. They are disappearing, aren't they, here in PA? Tilled, burned, and bulldozed. You can enter the sanctuary and have peace but you have to crawl beneath the pickies, lower yourself down beneath, like we did as children with long-sleeves reaching for blackberries. There's always a price to pay for sanctuary, peace, and blackberries.