09 November 2010


Jet black hair
and red red lips
the highest high heels
luxurious scarves
the heady scent of 
mystery and beauty
left behind
long after she'd gone.

Contagious laughter
a beautiful smile
adored by little girls
who wished to be her
when they grew up
shyly watched by little boys
who wished one day
to fall in love
with someone like her.

To a child,
her presence 
an anticipated gift
her visits on a summer Sunday
the highlight of the week
glamour personified 
with a gentle grace

[ A tribute to my aunt who passed away today. She taught me the glamorous side of being a woman and will be dearly missed.]


  1. A wonderful tribute. My condolences.

  2. WritingInRain10 November, 2010

    A Lovely Tribute To A Wonderful Lady. My Condolences.