24 November 2010

Less of Me (Collaboration with Nlin Loki)

Not too long ago I was offered a piece of music by a friend on Twitter, nlin loki . He simply gifted the music to me to be the idea around which to write a poem. He composes music and his videos on YouTube are fascinating. He also has a blog The Writings of Lucian Sinder which deserves many more readers.  The title of his song here is 'Face Facts'. Please click to listen and then read at your leisure.  Thank you Nlin :-)

I turn in circles
cross grids
dodge and parry
speed up slow down
navigating a course
through a crowded terrain
of solitary bits and pieces
fragmented spirals
of me and
only me
stumbling uncontrollably
a thousand reminders
of where I am
and where I've been
 no matter where I look
or where I run
I'm entangled and bound
by contrails
of myself
diaphanous auras
of antecedent living
delicate specters
of life
in search of a
fresh landscape
a blank canvas
waiting for
less of me
with more of you


  1. Solitary Bits and pieces...How desolated is this poem. The mix between Paint, Music and Poem gave us a terrible image...And Truth inside of the poem is wonderful and terrific. The song's magnificent...A new artist to follow up.
    Thanks both for this collaboration.

  2. Wonderful collaboration. Great picture, great music, great poem. "A terrible beauty is born" -- Yeats

  3. Thank you Jonas for your comment and I look forward to reading even more of you.

  4. Theodore ~ thank you so much for reading and commenting. Very much appreciated and I love the Yeats quote.