13 November 2010

The Spaces Between (Collaboration with Juan Carlos Hernandez)

Last week I was honored with an invitation from my friend and wonderful photographer, Juan Carlos Hernandez , to select one of his photographs and add my words to it.  Juan Carlos is the most amazing stage and performance photographer.  And while I love that aspect of his art form, my favorites of his work are from his "Life" Series .  Those are the photos I wait patiently to see.  Those are the photos that present life in all of its colors and forms. With his addition of music to his presentation of his artwork, it is a feast for the heart and the soul. The photo that I chose has stayed with me from the first moment I saw it.  It's title is 'Waiting' .

The Spaces Between

we wait for life to find us
for death to take us
we detain joy
and place love in detention
an instance here
an hour there
a foot-drag
a pause
a waiting game
and while we wait
the spaces between 
the waiting
do not hesitate
the spaces between
do not wait


  1. A beautiful photograph and haunting words to compliment.