29 November 2010

Washed Away

until the last moment
allowing your scent
to ride my body
a protective shield
against your absence

until the last moment
begging the essence of you
to bleed into my pores
before I wash you
off my skin


  1. Deep words that touched my soul...the last stanza blew my mind!!! Wonderful writing girlfriend oxox

  2. What is the scent of water?

    Your words start me thinking Zen-like
    but I still have to face the world,
    partition it to be safe;
    a zone for others to circumnavigate,
    watch their step.
    I'd better eat a big steak,
    flex my muscles, fly straight,
    sonic boom, and reverberate,
    create my space...or
    lay claim to someone else's.
    Always keeping, always holding
    never letting go and counting.
    A good fence makes the man;
    measure him by the size of his prison.
    I look forward to the day
    when I can be less
    than what I am.
    I was always happiest
    with an empty plate.

  3. Thanks girlfriend for reading me and for your comment :-)

    And thanks Ted for creating your beautiful words here :-)

  4. Just a great post! Thanks....

  5. Wow,such impressions lingering along the skin, masterful!!!! WOW! :) YOU are an amazing talent, such a special gift.

  6. Brilliant! Love reading it. :)

  7. the imagery is mind blowing here.
    divine poetry.
    keep it up.

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  9. Many thanks to all of you for your great comments. Very very much appreciated :)