30 December 2010

The Bogotá Connection

Photo courtesy of Jonás Vergara

No poetry today. Today I want to write a little about my friend Jonás Vergara . Jonás is from Colombia and we became friends through our connection with our mutual friend Juan Carlos Hernandez .  We began our conversation months ago with Jonás offering me a cup of Colombian coffee and me asking if he was a writer.

Jonás has three blog pages which you will find below.  In these past months, I have buried myself in his writing and have become adept at dealing with the oddities of translating the written word from a language not my own.  But, despite having to translate, I've come to appreciate even more the talent of this writer.  Jonás' writing is often sharp and edgy.  His words can shock and excite.  And then, when you least expect, he will write a whisper soft poem about love. 

He struggles daily within his environment and his life situation to be heard, to have his words read and to be seen as an individual with a wealth of ideas to be shared.  He embraces all of life as it comes to him.  He is intelligent and worldly but at the same time, he carries within his heart a child-like wonder. So, if you have a moment or two, visit one or all of his pages. I'm honored to be his friend.





  1. Such a beautiful highlight Diana! I'm sure his honor is equal to yours. I've bookmarked the blogs to get a closer look. Its so amazing how the online experiences etc. bring people together as well/so many friendships that inspire & encourage...and help us to keep believing in things we're not so sure of. EXCELLENT!!! Thank you for sharing more of him!

  2. yes .. it's incredible how thinks can go far online. I'm very honoured to be a link without all of you.. wonderful writers and people.
    thanks and wishing you a reluctant 2011 ;)

  3. Thoughtful connections, beautiful strings of love!