18 December 2010

Breaking The Fall

one step
 the fall begins
one touch
it's over
one word
solid ground recedes
one kiss
the body plummets
one captured breath
breaking the fall
is hopeless.


  1. As always, amazed at the beauty of your words along with a stunning photograph. I love comming here Diana. There is something ethereal and otherworldly here that takes me away for a few moments. A brief vacation from where I sit. Thank you for giving that to me. <3

  2. I agree with joannefirth

    And she's a Pennsylvania girl at that
    comes from the land of quarterbacks
    weaned on Adams County's applejack
    a stilled warm brew
    made up the Alleghenies
    fermented from the waters
    of the Monongahela.
    Her kinfolk south of Mt. Davis
    favor its taste
    when the weather
    gets to blizzard.