31 December 2010

Empty Hands

Photo ~ Diana Matisz

I miss the days
when I would find my hands
filled with your words
when I would take those words
caress my skin
smoothing the vernacular
of your life
into my thirsting body.

The inventory dwindles
as I hoard the last few
precious lettered communiqué
the 411
the missives
that fell generously
from your hands
to mine.

Fill my hands again
touch me
with your words.


  1. It looks like your words are wandering home just in time for the new year. Somehow they found their way back to the ontological world of metaphor; that bridging world between the real, the myth, and the metaphysical.

    Happy New Year


  2. Ted,
    They are slowly finding their way home, yes. A very Happy New Year to you and yours and thank you for your kind attention here.

  3. Very restrained, but romantic, Diana, Lots of yearning...I remember when getting a letter from someone was the sole point of life for me...you bring that back. Lovely poem.

  4. This is a really strong poem! I love it!