16 December 2010

Gone Missing

My words have gone missing.
I've looked in all the hide-a-ways
the secret cubby-holes
in all the dark corners
and behind the pencils and pens.

I've searched under my pillow
and emptied the drawers
rummaged through journals
ransacked my mind
and found, nothing.

If you see my words,
please send them home to me.
I'm not myself without them.


  1. Don't worry. They'll come home. I'll post a message on the telephone pole, the same place they post for lost kittens. Don't worry. They'll come home. Just like my first dog, Domino. He was unspaded and a true Bohemian. I would call and call but he wouldn't come home until he was ready. Same with your words. They'll find their way home when they are ready.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Ted :-) Im frustrated,mad and sad all at the same time. I never lose them for this long of a time :)

  3. A familiar sentiment any writer/poet can understand. It's so nice when they come back, though. And they always do.

  4. Oh how I have felt this way before. I expected my words to be scrawled out in the form of graffeti, etched onto the inner belly
    of a freeway bridge...nothing mattered, just send them home, no questions asked. I love that you have written about your prodigal words...thank you so much.

  5. I love all of your words. They belong to you, each containing a piece of your heart, so they can't wander far. They can't stay away for long. I'm sure they're missing you, too. *Hugs*