19 December 2010

The Holiday Visit

Your face was hidden
but I knew it was you
I knew by the light
that caressed you
by the smile I could feel
you took a step forward
and offered
a small glittered bag
I reached inside
and then
opened my fingers
to find
a butterfly
of silvered filigree
lying in the palm of my hand
and when I looked up
you were gone.

[ This is for our Susan who hasn't dream walked with me in a very long time. She did last night. Those who know me well will understand the significance of the butterfly.  This is by far the best gift I will receive this holiday season. ] 


  1. I have still been reading you every chance I get. I had to let you know I read this though and am so happy for you. Dreams are precious but I know how much this one would have meant to you. Happy holiday wishes to you and yours may the new year bring you wonderful happiness and good health.

  2. elegant flow..
    keep shining...

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  3. Haunting, stunning , beauty! Such a fascinating impression! LOVE this!!! ~April