06 December 2010

In The Clouds

Photo courtesy of Sharon Greco
My head is in the clouds today
not where it should be
but where it pleads to go.

Up here the air isnt polluted with doubt
and the sun shines a light
on a crystalline future.

From this lofty dominance
the fears below are nothing
but crushed stone and sand.

Nothing can touch me here in the clouds
and I know I have to climb back down
but not today.


  1. Stay in the clouds as long as you can. I spent 30 years in fear amongst the crushed stone. You know how difficult it is to walk in sand. It's even more difficult to run. Thankfully, I was able to relearn what I knew when I was young.

  2. Good advice Ted, although I do have some experience with running in sand :) Thank you for commenting again, much appreciated.