08 December 2010

Out To Sea

Send me out to sea
let my cold Atlantic
be rough with me
toss and tumble me
as I ride on glacial crests
just below the surface.

Send me out to sea
with the taste of brine
as my sustenance
and the millennia
of nor'easters
as my blood.

Send me out to sea
and wait for me
wait for the benevolence
of your sun-blessed sea
to carry me to shore
and throw me at your feet.


  1. Wonderful poem, I like this a lot.

  2. The tossing and turning of the sea until carried to the shore....only to jump back in for another ride. This is wonderful! <3

  3. Earth-centric, theme-tight, beguiling work. Good stuff.

  4. Beautiful!!!

    Your words know no frontiers...as drops of emotion they are.


  5. Beautiful, inspiring, sweet! Lovely image too! Poem on!

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  7. Thank you everyone for reading and for your kind comments :-)

    Thanks to Jingle Poetry for the invitation. I would love to participate :)