20 December 2010


One day soon
a plane will be waiting
to take me from here.
To lift me away
from all that I know
from all that I love
and all that I fear.

One day soon
I'll exist
under a new sky
breathe air
with no hint of me
or my past
no keepsakes of history.

One day soon
heart's ease will find me
and will live in amity
with my restless soul
when the face in the mirror
will be the face
I remember.

One day.


  1. Very haunting, beautiful, and emotional. Wow do I know these words "One Day Soon" !!!! Excellent writing...as always...~April

  2. The simplicity and repetition work well, become profound, existential musings.

    Just one typo. I think that would be "heart's ease."