07 December 2010

Your Eyes

Close your eyes
keep them closed.

When I'm done with you
you can tell me how it feels
to have lips kiss your eyes
teeth abrade your jawline
warm breath forge a trail
across your cheekbones.

You can describe
the scent of vanilla-rose
the texture of skin
pressed against
the heartbeat in your neck
or a tongue tracing
the outline of your ear
but for now

close your eyes.
And keep them closed.


  1. So passionate! :) Well done, love the artwork!!!!

  2. Lovely. This in particular -

    teeth abrade your jawline
    and warm breath forge a trail
    across your cheekbones.

    so romantic and sensual... it's damn cold here right now in the UK but I hardly noticed...


    Luke @ WordSalad

  3. Is it hot in here? THIS IS HOT! I LOVE this, Diana.

    Am I missing them, or are you not tweeting hot haikus? Wish you would.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. If we keep our eyes closed...can you imagine such a tremble in the world?

    Marvellous piece of art, Diana.

  5. Oh my goodness....Dani nailed it, it IS very steamy in here. Amazing in its sensuality, the words just linger......searing into my brain....Wow! Fabulous. You are amazing!

  6. When it gets cold, young women's thoughts must turn to love. Nice turns of phrase throughout. Well written.

  7. Ok is this a joke..? I've had my eyes closed now for 10 minutes. OK 10 minutes longer but that's it...

  8. My eyes are closed, my eyes are really really closed... Nice one shot. Love and Light, Sender

  9. If I close my eyes, how can I read the poem?
    (Besides, I can't type with my eyes closed!)

    Nice One Shot, Diana!

  10. Simple words cannot express how much I appreciate all of your comments. Im honored that you've stopped by to read me.