06 January 2011

The Cool Side of the Pillow

you wake at 3:00 a.m.
cheek pressed against
the fever-hot fabric
of restless hours
the wrinkles
of forgotten nightmares
cross-hatching temporary scars
across damp skin

with groaning effort
you lift your head
and turn the pillow

to the scent of morning lavender
and summer rain
where a warm cheek
falls gently into chilled white cotton
and dreams return to chase the 'mares
from the cool side of the pillow.


  1. The cool side of the pillow....the scent of morning lavender. Such sweet, simple comforts to bring forth only good and pleasant dreams for one as good and pleasant as you. <3

  2. so beautiful and sweet, and the descriptive words...*sigh the fresher fragrance! Perfectly fitting artwork too!! ~I so wish to have some sweet dreams & good rest....