29 January 2011


time has stopped
you lie in that bed
that strange bed
that isn't your own
waiting for the red-tape
that will release you
sending you home
tired eyes
tired of the poking 
the scanning
leads and wires
stubbornly adhered to you
listening to each beat
of your heart
finally, they come
to emancipate you
from the robotics
pull the needle
from your arm
and your thinned blood
wells on release
coursing down your arm
I reach over
and pressure the wound
your blood seeping
through my fingers
the same blood
that runs in my veins
the fuel of my heart
until the well-spring dries
and you're on your way home
from this dreaded place
back to your world
your life
and the clock begins again

[ The father of a dear friend passed away yesterday and my father was in the hosptial for two days.  His stay reminded me again how much daughters need their fathers. ]


  1. You have my friendship and my empathy. It is beautiful that you share your words on such a deep love.

    Our dearest people fill our hearts and lifes.

    Big hug for you.

  2. Tears from me and hope for Father.
    Island Woman

  3. The simplest poems can be the most powerful, when they are wrought with the heart

  4. Made me cry...so right...the loss of my father the other day felt as if losing the same person twice, there were not so good memories, and a loss of years...can't replace time...hard to describe....
    *hugs to you dear friend,
    and love & gratitude for this writing...

  5. very powerful poem. My condolences...