18 January 2011

Food P o r n

It begins with a tease
a sauté to incite 
with promise of more
taste buds at attention
mouth-wetting desire
and then, the eye catches sight
of a plump berry, ripe
tipped in dark chocolate
savored by tongue
a semifrío delight
whisper and sluice
of a heavy curved blade
as it rocks forward and back
a chiffonade dance 
through the most tender layers
as silk of a sabayon sauce
warmly slips on the palette
of the greedy gourmand
the heat and spice
the sweet and tart
juicy pleasure
oh food
what you do to me
don't ever stop

[ I owe a thank you to Greg Ackerman  aka @g_ack on Twitter ~ foodie extraordinaire, for putting this idea into my head :-) ]


  1. Beautiful - now I'm hungry..and strangely aroused...

  2. I'm eating some Camembert now...would be great to have some sweet peaches with it...

  3. Now I know why I'm an avid gardener.

  4. oh i still have 3 hours of work until i get to eat...what have you done to me...smiles. nice one shot

  5. Food is the se jest thing ever. I'd take chocolate over sex any day of the week...well...:) fun and enticing

  6. Ah, this is delicious! Beautiful imagery and the photo looks scrumptious.

    My one shot: http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/old-love-one-shot-wednesday/

  7. The photo is almost obscenely opulent, and your poem is even more sensual and rich, with some off-setting sharp, clean images"...the whisper and sluice/of a heavy curved blade.." Excellent balance of moods and delicious description. And I have no chocolate--sigh...

  8. Your poem stimulates more than one appetite. And the picture... oh my. hedgewitch sums that up perfectly. Great poem. Excellent use of double entendres.

  9. Sensuous and sensual all in one. Cover me in chocolate and peel me a grape. Uh-huh! Great piece. I enjoyed it immensely! Gay @beachanny

  10. This is certainly a delectable treat, which conjurer’s up my appetite in many ways.... simply delicious!

  11. Thanks everyone who visited to read and comment on this little homage to food...and anything else the words should conjur ;-) I appreciate your being here, more than you know.

  12. mmmmhhhh - now i'm hungry....loved this!!

  13. Love the "food porn" poem. As usual, your words elicit the most pleasant visuals. Beautiful poetry. Thanks for the nod regarding the poem, but I had little to do with your amazing word craft.

  14. Dear Diana

    Ok, I am now looking for those treats... so beautiful captured... Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  15. You rang Pavlov's bell..

  16. All round delicious. x