05 January 2011

The Grimoires

Photo ~ Diana Matisz

They wait silently
these handbooks of magic
for the daily ritual of embellishments
lay bare their blank faces
to receive runes of archaic hope
unspoken spells of passion
written by the splintered light
of a waning moon.
The parchment layers
of their bound bodies
drink black ink
of inscribed charms
carefully obscure the soul
of the word-rider
with incantations of life
and the crude amulets
carved into their spines.
Each a guardian of secrets
a talisman against doubt
a touchstone for living
and one day
they will find their way
to one whose eyes
will decipher the coded messages
beneath the grimoire's magic.


  1. A topic dear to my heart,the hidden, the secrets, the magic we want/need to believe is real. "The parchment layers/ of their bound bodies/ drink the black ink..." great sequence and vivid picture. Liked this very much, Diana.

  2. WOW, Di! You are always surprising us...what a beautiful and impacting poem! In the language of roots and branches...


  3. I like it. I read it as a metaphor for any book of a metaphysical/spiritual/religious nature.

    handbooks of magic
    the daily ritual
    the runes of archaic hope
    spells of passion (Solomon)

    written by the splintered light
    of a waning moon (Psalms - David watching Bethsheeba bathe from his balcony.)

    The parchment layers
    inscribed charms
    obscure the soul (Baghavagita)
    incantations of life
    crude amulets carved

    guardian of secrets (Kabbalah)
    a talisman against doubt (loss of faith)
    a touchstone for living (moral codes)
    coded messages (hermeneutics)
    grimoire's magic. (mantras, prayers)

  4. some lovely imagery in this one, Diana

  5. Thanks all for the comments...they are very much appreciated.
    And Ted: especially for your interpretation...always interesting :)

  6. ah this is lovely - love them drinking the black ink...fantastic imagery

  7. Wow Diana this was magical and traveled through my spirit. Like a vision to read. Perfect! You, my dear one, are beyond brilliant.