17 January 2011

The Last Words

They haunted me today
my last words to you.
They zig-zagged a ragged stitch
across the raw
partition of my heart
where they'd been biding time.
The words I said with worry.
What's wrong?
Are you ok?
Have you been sick?
What can I do?

They haunted me today
your last words to me.
Me, the last of us
to hear them
the last of us
to speak to you.
The words you gave for comfort.
I'll be ok.
I just need to rest.
I'll be better tomorrow.
Don't worry.

They haunted me today
those last words
between you
and me.


  1. Awww this is beautiful and sad too!!! A fear of an end.....perhaps never the last ones spoken if real...I think even in parting the earth still words heard of those loved....
    Very very well written sweetie, with amazing imagery... :) April

  2. Painfully relatable, excellent poem.