26 January 2011

Low Country (Collaboration with Ryan Greco)

This piece today is a collaboration with my nephew, Ryan Greco.  Ryan is becoming an avid photographer and his purpose is to capture nature in its innocence and beauty. Ryan has strong beliefs in the preservation of our environment and hopes that his photographs will help people to understand how fragile our world has become.  Ryan also has plans to create a photo book for purchase and to donate the proceeds to a non-profit organization with which he and his wife Jayme are involved.  Please click on the links above or below to see more of Ryan's work.

Low country summer heat of a Carolina sun
bakes and simmers the tide-fed wetlands
defenseless and vulnerable to the relentless rise
of encroaching Atlantic salt

Endless marshes, creeks and snaking estuaries
natural filters to the sea
boast a hidden life beneath pluff mud pungency
and disguised fragility

A tenuous blending of water and life
birth-home to struggling loggerheads
landing pad for elusive snowy egrets
and hide-away for the fearless gator

For centuries the land adapts
to weather's fury and nature's whims
but one mistake, one wrong turn
and the living wetlands.....gone


  1. Wonderful pictures and words - a great collaboration! As usual you're the tops D.

  2. oh this is gorgeous..both his pic and the words...great collaboration!