20 January 2011

Reaching For You

Restless and weary
of this walled winter prison
I venture out
for a tryst with nightfall
walking beneath a stark white moon
through a tapestry
of new falling snow
so thick and soft
this world is muffled and lost

I stop and reach out
to gently puncture
this veil of ice
and in that moment
I feel your hand take mine
pulling me into you
to your heat
to the side of the curtain
where I long to be

But no, the old man of winter
will have none of that
as with a harsh bitter breath
he impels me back
to my side of this world
leaving you
leaving me
wanting you more
for the next chance
to reach for you


  1. You enchanted me and took me to another place - once again. Thank you :o) @farflungstar

  2. Magical and beautiful. Really stunning! dani ♥