13 January 2011

Warrior (Collaboration with Joanne Firth)

My friend Joanne Firth posted this photo today on Twitter and I was so taken with it that I asked if she would allow me to share it here.  It brought instant words to mind.  Joanne is also a wonderful writer.  Please take a few moments to stop by and read her thoughts at "Words" .

Such a warrior
is old man winter
glaring out
through one iced-blue eye
the other a scarred glacial lake

He fiercely wages battle
against an impending vernal sun
his sharp brittle beard
mirrors the dying light
of his arctic dominion

One day soon
this hoary king
of squalls and blizzards
will be a puddle at my feet
reflecting a kinder face.


  1. You certainly captured our icy friend with your wintery words here. So very pleased that this picture brought such wonderful words to mind. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share in what you do so very well. It was simply meant to be. <3

  2. I LOVE both your poem and Joanne's photograph! ♥ ♥ ♥ dani