27 January 2011

A Wealth of Tears

they've collected
over these years
in the palms of my hands
these prisms of pain
and joy
faceted reminders
of damaged love
mind-bending passion
of mirth and anguish

with the spill
of each drop
these hands accept
both the gentle bathe
and the scarring edges
of this wealth of tears
this reminder of living
this release


  1. Beautiful poem, Diana. Very nice sound. I especially like "prisms of pain/and joy/faceted reminders."

    Very nice to meet you through One Stop. Looking forward to reading more of your poetry. :)

  2. always look forward to your work, diana. and love the "hands accept both gentle bathe and scarring edges..." Monty

  3. Despite the tears there is comfort in these hands, in your words written...thank you! Beautiful always....~April