15 February 2011

The Bones of Summer

Original photograph courtesy of Sharon Greco ~ HHI February 2011

They stand protective
buffeted by salt-air sting
the click-clack of summer's bones
weaving drunkenly across
a winter beach
each one a guardian
of a faded memory

of cockles, coquina and slippers
picked gently from tide pools
the solitary hunt
for the fabled black tooth of a shark
greedy cry of gulls
beneath hot Carolina sun
clandestine sunset kisses
behind sheltering dunes
of distant laughter carried high
on sea-kissed wafts of air
caress of heat
on a body's wintered bones
and music only sand and sea
could possibly compose
these skeletal bones of summer
waiting with anticipation
for the flesh
of new memories


  1. Transported as always by your words Diana, quote: These skeletal bones of summer
    waiting with anticipation
    for the flesh
    of new memories X

  2. ...I can nearly feel the heat of summer so close. I've not yet ventured toward Myrtle Beach, but recall my northern love of the beaches I sigh and can nearly taste and smell the salt in the air reading your words. Memories and future tie this together beautifully. =)) ~April

  3. ..so do i...waiting with anticipation
    for the flesh of new memories.. amazing what a poet can make of some wooden sticks...beautiful write diana

  4. "These skeletal bones of summer
    waiting with anticipation
    for the flesh
    of new memories" a perfect way to tie them bones together...beautifully written.

  5. That's one of the better poems I have read.
    Thank you, Pisces woman
    For making it real-
    All alive and engaging
    Just what a writer is supposed to do.
    We poets make beachcombers out of readers.

    A Cancer Man--Tiger Windwalker

  6. Beautiful imagery, great lyrical feel. I can hear "..the click-clack of summer's bones.." (and my own appear to be clickety clacking right along with them.)I really likes this one, Diana.

  7. wow. excellent write...love th click clack...and that they wait for further memories to clothe them...until seasons end....

  8. The click clack of summer's bones...beautiful and haunting.

  9. What a great title and I love the first stanza most..."each one a guardian of a faded memory." That line made me pause to take it in. :)

  10. Rich in imagery. Especially appreciate the line "weaving drunkenly across / a winter beach" perfect description for the fences. Love how memory is called upon to prompt experience, which in turn will make new prompt new memory—so fitting given the landscape.

  11. Beautiful imagery! One lives in the hope of becoming a memory, said Antonio Porchia. I'd love that.

    Diana, thank you so much for your lovely comment left on Poesia Torta. I'm glad you've enjoyed the poem. Hope to see you around again.

    Kiss you.

  12. Beautiful! Reminiscent of Wordsworth! Great job

  13. Another beautiful poem, Diana! Great imagery and flow in your lines.

  14. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by to read and to comment. It is always very very much appreciated :)

  15. Dear Diana

    Very beautiful verse.. I enjoyed your last lines so much..
    'These skeletal bones of summer
    waiting with anticipation
    for the flesh
    of new memories'

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay